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We’re a verified Veteran Owned Small Business

We offer a slew of services that are designed to help you grow  your business. If there’s something in particular you need that you  don’t see, contact us…we more than likely can do it. If we can’t, we  know who can.

We served our Country, and now want to serve you! Because of our  location, most of our team are either veterans of the Armed Forces, or  are family members of those that served. If you have ever been in the South,  then you should be very familiar with the warm Southern hospitality that  you’re surrounded by. We apply that same warm Southern hospitality to  our clients and their business. Our team absolutely loves to serve, and  do it VERY well.

Our team is dedicated to a continuous improvement work commitment,  which means that we’re committed to always finding better and more  efficient ways to serve you. This not only reduces costs for everyone,  but also ensures our clients are having the best possible customer  experience.

Our team consists of members with extensive experience in logistics,  warehouse/inventory management, Lean/6 Sigma, customer relations,  eCommerce (in all aspects) and so much more!

Prep, Inspect & Ship

Our dedicated and experienced team will process, inspect, prep and ship your products to wherever they need to go. This includes making sure that the item(s) are in compliance with Amazon’s or any other platform’s terms of service. Often times product either arrive damaged, or are not the same product as the product description. We’re your safety net to prevent any preventable mistakes.

eComm Fulfillment

We possess the capability to fulfill orders directly to the customers from many platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, eBay and many more! The pricing for the fulfillment starts at $1.75 per item/pack, addition to a small storage fee of .45 per cubic on a monthly basis.

Through partnerships, we offer a variety of other seller related services such as, product photography, print for PL or other types of special print needs, digital marketing, etc

Customer Returns

A lot of places don’t like doing customer returns. Well, we do! We’ve established a streamlined process for processing customer returns. We’ll inspect the item’s condition and provide our feedback along with pictures, and let you make the final disposition. If deemed sellable, we’ll send the product back to Amazon. If deemed unsellable, we can either assist in disposal or liquidation – or return the product(s) back to you.


We realize that not all places are created equal in terms of sourcing opportunities. We have an experienced team of shoppers that LOVE to shop and quite frankly, are very good at it. Whether it’s sourcing for shoes & clothing, replenishable products, closeout/liquidations, we’ve got a lot of opportunities at our disposal; and these places LOVE us and have established some great relationships as result – which is a huge benefit to you! We make this process very easy. International sellers LOVE using us for this, but we have clients from all over the globe that use our shoppers.


“I have sold Amazon FBA for several years and have tried two other prep centers during that time, both of which I wasn’t really impressed with. While I’m mostly RA, I’m adding a lot more OA and wholesale and decided to give Down South Prep a try. WOW! I have finally found my long-term prep center! They are so helpful and communicate with you regarding anything you need, they are quick and efficient, they are very affordable and I love the way they have the process on the seller’s end set up. If you want a prep center that puts you as a seller as first priority, then I can’t recommend Down South Prep & Fulfillment enough!.”

Michelle Henderson




We’re a verified Veteran Owned Small Business.
We’ve served our Country, and now want to serve you! Because of our location, most of our team are either veterans of the Armed Forces, or are family members of those that served.